Fuad Eduardo Chahin Valenzuela

He was born in Temuco on December 1st.

He graduated as a lawyer from the Law School of the Universidad de Chile, where he obtained a degree in Legal and Social Sciences.

He is a partner of Abdala & Cia. Abogados, specializing in the defense of consumer rights, regulatory law, administrative litigation and compliance and consumer law and duties.

He has been a lawyer for Consumer Associations and legislative advisor in the Ministries of Justice and Mining.
He has held various positions in the Ministry General Secretariat of Government.

Between March 2010 and March 2018, he was Deputy of the Republic, where he chaired the “Constitution, Legislation and Justice”; “Social Development and Overcoming Poverty” and “Economy” committees.

He was a member of the “Finance Committee” of the Chamber of Deputies.

In March 2018 he reintegrated again as partner to the Law Firm “Abdala & Cia.”, where he participated from July 2007 until he assumed as Deputy of the Republic.

He was a member of the Constitutional Convention.

In the academic field, he was a founding partner of the Centro de Estudios Instituto Jorge Ahumada.
He was a professor of the Diploma in Management Skills given by the Institute of Public Affairs of the University of Chile (2008).
His extensive experience has given him a recognized expertise in the design of legal and public affairs strategies.


–  Commercial Law
–  Corporate Governance
–  Regulatory


–  Faculty of Law of the University of Chile, 2000


   [email protected]


  + (562) 224608050